Friday, February 3, 2012

Wet Hair and Rolling Chair!

Savannah's journey with Juvenile Arthritis

It has been a week of ups and downs, hills and valleys, frowns and yes...smiles. The week (Monday) started with a visit to Children’s Hospital where Savannah received her first Orencia infusion followed by four spine x-rays.  Both went well.  Thank goodness, nothing of significance showed up on the spine x-ray.  Tuesday morning...oh, the pain!  Savannah could not walk that morning because her feet and ankles hurt horrible.  I had to carry Savannah to the bathroom, then to the couch, then to the shower (where she stayed for a long time trying to loosen up her joints and tendons).  She stayed in the shower so long, we had to go to school with wet hair.  Savannah’s feet were still not better after the long shower (which is not the norm).  I had to dress her, carry her to the car, and then she walked super slowly into school...wet hair and all!  Each day since Tuesday has gotten a little better.  However, my back has been hurting (from carrying Savannah) for days.  Hence, I bought a rolling desk chair at the suggestion of a wise mom!  I pushed Savannah from the bed to the bathroom, with the rolling desk chair,  for the first time this morning.  It worked great!  After about 30 minutes of being awake, Savannah was able to walk on her own.  YEA!!!
Savannah starts physical therapy on Monday.  She will do this twice a week for the next couple of months.  Who knows if it will help, but we can pray!  Savannah’s next Orencia infusion is a week from this Monday.  So, back to Birmingham we will go!  All in all, life is good.  Savannah could walk after 30 minutes this morning!  She gave herself her Methotrexate shot without much complaining!  She had a smile on her face when she walked into her classroom at school!  I am grateful for these things and more.