Thursday, December 18, 2014

Update on Life with JIA

I haven't posted in several months, so I decided to post an update on Savannah.  Over all, life is good...yes, it is really good! The sulfasalazine seems to be the wonder drug for Savannah.  They have increased her dose to the max for her weight, and though she is not pain free, the pain is very manageable.

You change up dreams on this Juvenile Arthritis journey, and that is okay. Savannah once wanted to be a soccer star, but she now sings in her middle school chorus.  We are taking lemons and making lemonade!  I do not know what is in store in Savannah's life, I just know each day is a gift and we have to make the most of it.

Lastly, Savannah, her father, and I all walked/ran in the Jingle Bell Run for arthritis this month....and Savannah did not use her wheelchair!!  She and her father might have taken some short cuts...and Savannah might have even been carried on her father's back at points (thank goodness for a strong man), but Savannah made it! Thank you for following Savannah's journey.  There is hope on this journey and we hope this blog blesses you in some way.

                                                                   Happy Holidays!!!
                                                            Jenny, Eric, and Savannah