Thursday, March 14, 2013

Savannah and Reese, The "Ripple Effect"...Two Girls with Juvenile Arthritis & Hearts of Gold

Meet Reese.  She is four years old and has juvenile arthritis like Savannah.  She is the little girl Savannah has been mentoring (see "101 Shots"- blog entry).  These two girls have a special bond because of their illness...but, it goes so much further than that.  Savannah reads to Reese's K-3 class every few weeks and brings them a special treat of cupcakes or cookies.  They love that!
Reese shares with Savannah when she receives her weekly shots without a tear and Savannah cheers her on!  Savannah takes Reese special band-aids, to put over her shot sites, when Reese runs out of them.  The stuffed dog in the photo, well they practice giving shots to him (poor pup).   They walk this journey, together, and I am so glad they have each other.
Sometimes, I wonder why God would allow Savannah to go through the trial of a chronic illness such as juvenile arthritis...but, then, Reese came along with the same diagnosis and it all starts to make more sense.  Savannah helps Reese, Reese will help someone else, and so on...the "ripple effect".  The trials of getting ice cream on your clean shirt or your hair combed just right doesn't seem to matter anymore. Knowing you have someone to share your triumphs and fears with, and understands what you are going through... well, that is priceless.  Watch out for the ripple effect... What!  You are caught up in it already!