Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second set of Jaw Injections...In the near future.

Picture of Savannah before her first set of jaw steroid  injections.

Savannah has arthritis in her jaw...both sides.  This causes her jaw to hurt, and can eventually cause permanent damage if not treated.  She had steroid shots injected into her jaw this past January (2012) in the hopes it would take care of the arthritis.  She had a follow up MRI about three months ago.  It showed some of the arthritis still present.  Savannah's Rheumatologist said to "watch and see" if the pain in her jaw got worse and more frequent...and if it did, Savannah would have to get another set of injections in her jaw.  Well, Savannah HATED her first set of injections worse than anything else she has encountered with her arthritis.  SO, when I told her what Dr. Weiser said, she said she was keeping her pain to herself.  I have seen her grimace more and more frequently the last several weeks. So, she comes to me last night and says, "Mom, we need to have a serious conversation. "  I am thinking, "Huh?!"  She continues,  "It is time for the jaw injections."  The pain must be super bad.  So, here we go again!  To be continued...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New school year...same attitude.

Sorry I have not posted in a while.  Savannah started the fourth grade one week ago.  Things started out well...great teachers, great school, new beginnings.  Though Savannah has made much improvement from one year ago (she was diagnosed one year ago this month), the old arthritis pain in Savannah’s fingers just refuses to go away.  A writing assignment, she could not finish in class ,came home today for homework...”Mom, I had to take a lot of breaks while writing today.  The pain was bad, but I did the best I could.”  She finished the seven sentence assignment at home, taking many breaks to stretch her fingers, fighting through the pain.  However, one year ago, Savannah could only manage 17, she can manage 17 words.  We are thankful for any and all victories.  We are thankful for patient and understanding teachers.  We are thankful for good medicines.  Savannah takes her 55th Methotrexate shot in the morning.  She will take her 15th Orencia I.V. Infusion at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in a couple of weeks.  The pain is still there in most of her body, but more manageable.  Also, we have a new attitude.  We only complain if it is really bad.  If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.  We dance in the rain.
More to come...keep praying.  Savannah will keep fighting!