Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Every day is a new day!

Savannah is doing physical therapy twice a week.  She is in "week seven".  She says it is not helping.  I (Mom) say it is not hurting.  We have our 5th Orencia infusion next week at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.  I am seeing improvement, but Savannah lacks energy and her feet still hurt pretty badly some mornings.  I am not posting as much on Savannah.  After a while, you just get tired of talking about JIA.  I do not want juvenile arthritis to define Savannah...she is so much more.  Her life is just a different normal than the average kid.  But, what truly is average?!
Savannah is the Arthritis Walk Honoree for this year in the Montgomery, AL area.  I hope Savannah's story spreads awareness about Juvenile Arthritis Also, I hope it helps other kids and their families cope and know they are not alone with their battle with JIA.