Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Ends - Pain Begins - Please, Pray for Savannah

Summer is drawing to an end.  This is my first post in a long while that is devoted to Savannah and her progress.  She has had a great summer...She was off all medicines and had manageable pain.  She went to Disney World, swam, had picnics, visited her grandparents and cousins, and just had fun!  Then one day (about ten days ago), the arthritis decided to consume Savannah's body again.  I knew the day would come, but one is never fully prepared for it.  Savannah has spent the last two days having to use a wheelchair on our errands.  It's okay, we still have fun, and we just take each day as it comes.

What caused the flare in her body???  Was it being off her medicines for 90 days?  Was it the airline ride to her grandparents?  Is it being brought on by the stress of starting school on Monday?  Nobody really knows. It could be all of these answers, it could be none of them.
At Savannah's request and her doctor's suggestion, we have started back the sulfasazaline drug. Another Biologic may soon follow, but we will cross that bridge if necessary.  More MRI's are probably coming to see the extent of the arthritis.

 Savannah's jaw is hurting badly, too.  She has already had two steroid injections to both sides of her jaw (the maximum allowed).  I am not sure what is next, here, either.

So, I am asking for prayer....Prayer that Savannah's pain becomes more manageable for the start of school and for everyday life.  Remember, Savannah has to use the arthritic hands to write...and write a lot.  We are thankful for her teachers who will do their best to aid her so she can try to keep the pace.

I (mom) am scared, but I try not to show it.  I will encourage Savannah to keep pressing forward.  We will dance in the rain when needed.

Along the way on such a journey, you meet some special people.  There is a lady named Jessica of Gracie's Gowns.  She has made a hospital gown for Savannah to wear when she gets future medical tests and treatments.  The fabric is of famous artwork (Savannah loves art!) and the gown has Savannah's name embroidered in the bottom right corner.  Savannah's face lit up when she received the gown! It is acts like this that make our journey a little easier.  Thank you, Jessica!
Facebook: Gracie's Gowns

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Thank God for Great Teachers!

Savannah has been blessed with some wonderful teachers through her journey with Juvenile Arthritis.
Without these wonderful teachers, Savannah's journey would have been much more difficult.  They encourage her, pray for her, and make concessions for her when her hands can't write anymore. So, though most of our posts are mostly about Juvenile Arthritis and Savannah's progress, this one is mostly dedicated to the wonderful teachers of the world.  We love you.  Thank you for all you do.

 4th grade teacher

 3rd grade teacher