Friday, April 25, 2014

I feel HAPPY!

 "Life doesn't get to be put on pause until you can feel better                                                                        - time keeps ticking and dreams collect dust."

                                                                                        (wise words of a JA friend)

I often tell Savannah that life here on Earth will always have struggles and problems.  It is how we deal these struggles and problems that makes all the difference.  Savannah still struggles with daily pain, especially in her hands and feet, but she chooses to feel happy!  We are thankful for Sulfasalazine that Savannah takes orally twice a day, for it truly helps keep her head above water.

Three years ago, Savannah seemed to always be looking ahead to a time without pain.  She now realizes that this day may never come...and that is okay ...because Savannah has chosen HAPPINESS!