Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping others is good for the heart.

Jesus teaches us to serve one another.  This can be done in many forms and fashions.  However, Savannah did something today that I wanted to share.

One of Savannah's long time classmates at school lost his mother to breast cancer a few days ago.  Savannah came to me (mom), with her money in hand, and said she wanted to order this boy a Duffy Teddy Bear from the Disney store online.  I immediately ordered it and it was delivered to our home yesterday.  She told the boy she had a surprise for him, and would be bringing it this morning.

Savannah rounded the corner of the school hall, wrapped bear in hand, where the boy was eagerly waiting outside the classroom.  I have never seen such a huge smile when he opened this gift...all because of a simple bear and the love and support that was behind it.  I hope his mother was smiling from heaven.

Sometimes children are truly the best examples.


  1. Savannah has such a sweet heart!

  2. Thank you. We have decided to take the lemons life throw us and make lemonade! (:

    Jenny (Savannah's mom)