Monday, August 17, 2015


"Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Savannah who LOVED to play soccer!  She would play five days a week for two teams at the same time when she could. Then, a monster named J.A. (Juvenile Arthritis) came along and swiped the girl's love for soccer away by causing tremendous pain in her feet and ankles.  The girl pretended it did not matter, but the girl's mother knew better. Years later, as the girl approached 7th grade, the girl pondered if she should play soccer again.  But, a new monster named FEAR tormented her."

Yes, Savannah has started the 7th grade and she loves school!  Her pain is still well managed with Sulfasalazine. It has not taken away all the daily pain...but enough.

FEAR is Savannah's greatest enemy right now.  After awakening in the morning, I have pushed Savannah from her bed, to the bathroom, then the couch in a rolling desk chair for going on five years.  I encourage her to get up and walk, but she is FEARful her feet will hurt too badly (morning stiffness) like they did years ago before her diagnosis and medicine.

Savannah has the chance to try out for her school soccer team this year, but FEAR is calling her name...just like it does each morning when she wakes up.

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