Monday, October 15, 2012

Savannah keeps going...despite some setbacks.

Savannah is having a bit of a flare up.  Her hands are hurting more lately and her feet/ankles are hurting  after walking just a very short distance.  We went to an outdoor mall on Saturday.  Her feet were hurting so badly, we had to bring out the EZ Rider wheelchair.  I am very thankful for this EZ Rider, but saddened we are back to needing it.  Savannah has new orthotics coming this week (hopefully) and maybe this will help with the pain in her feet and ankles.  I wish I could give Savannah my feet.
Her hands...well, she manages the best she can.  I watched as one of Savannah's classmates completed a writing assignment the other day.  He wrote with ease, word after word.  I have never seen my daughter able to do this task in her life.  It has always required tremendous effort for Savannah to write. I wish I could give her my hands.
Despite it all, Savannah keeps going.  She keeps smiling.


  1. I love that smile. She's such a sweet girl. I know that as a mama you would trade places with her if you could. I'm sorry I missed you the other day when you came by. I was there, but on a conference call. We pray for you daily and will continue to lift you up. Please let me know if you think of anything else we can do to be of any help.

  2. What a precious smile! :) I am so sorry that Savannah is hurting. I'm keeping her in my prayers, and I look forward to seeing her at the Jingle Bell Run! Kristi