Friday, November 2, 2012

Savannah is making a difference.

Savannah spoke in front of over 600 students at her school on Monday of this week.  She touched on her life with Juvenile Arthritis and encouraged people to run in the Jingle Bell Run on December 1.  Savannah's school then presented Mrs. Lisa of the Arthritis Foundation a check for over $700!  Whoo Hoo!!!
Savannah had an infusion at Children's Hospital on Tuesday.  It went much better.  One thing I think that really helped Savannah's infusion is that she drank a lot of liquids within 24 hours before she went for the infusion.  On the way to Birmingham, she drank a whole large container of Gatorade (at her Juvenile Rheumatolgist's suggestion).  We had to stop twice to go to the bathroom off the interstate, but her veins were better for the stick (but, the nurse still had to search real hard for a good veun, I admit).  However, only one stick!  Praise God!  So try the gatorade thing before your next infusion/blood draw if your veins are worn out like Savannah's veins.
Savannah also gave an interview to Children's Hospital on Tuesday.  They are going to use her face and story for some of their literature.  Toss a pebble in the water, and see the ripple effect!
God continues to use Savannah to help others that suffer with arthritis.
Savannah has another MRI in the next few weeks...this time to look at her ankle and foot.  She is still having a lot of pain when walking for just a short while, despite all the medications and new orthotics from the Physical Therapy department.    Keep praying!!!

You can still sign up to run the Jingle Bell Run in Montgomery on December 1!  Search for Jingle Bell Run, Montgomery.  Then, look for Team Savannah...We would love you to join us!!!

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