Thursday, October 13, 2016

JIA Families...A New Beginning

Dear JIA families,

I have shared on this blog the good and the bad with Savannah's journey with arthritis.  Savannah has seen two years of monthly infusions, jaw injections twice, years of daily medicine, being in a wheelchair because of severe pain, weekly shots, sleepless get the picture.  But now, we want to share the good from it all.  Savannah is compassionate, a fighter, looks for the positive, courageous, and more well rounded because of her arthritis journey.  And now, she is also a child of Christ.  We want to share this joy with our readers because this blog is not only about a child's arthritis journey, but the blessings in spite of it.  Savannah became a Christian Oct. 6, 2016 through faith and obedience.  To God be the glory!!!

Savannah being baptized by her Papa.

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