Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's Back!! Arthritis has returned, but she pushes forward.

It started with pain in her knee.  Then pain in her ankles.  Then she had trouble writing.  We knew the signs, but you just want to pretend it is not there.  The pain never really left, but it had become manageable.  Now, to write three sentences is a challenge.  She is in athletics 7th period because she is on the School Swim Team first semester.  Swim= Awesome for joints! Running stadium steps second semester to "stay in shape"= totally horrible for someone with active arthritis in her knees and ankles.  Yet, she refuses to give up because she doesn't want to be seen as different.  Can anyone else relate??  Love this girl.  If you can relate, know you are not alone.  Savannah is walking this path with you...and some days the walk is awfully hard. She still pushes forward, though...because she chooses to.


  1. We can totally relate. My daughter, Bella, who is 14 and an 8th grader, is pushing through everyday too but it is HARD! Last month she had her jaw injections and we're hoping this Wednesday she's cleared for braces (fingers crossed because she really needs them!). The struggle to keep active an feel "normal" in middle school is constant! Thank you so much for sharing Savannah's story Mom.

  2. Oh, my friend! I'm praying- for remission, for pain relief, for wisdom as a mamma to know how to help her.

  3. Thank you, Deet. Her recent bloodwork shows that there is inflammation in her body. I did not tell Savannah, for she already knew it was back without bloodworm confirmation. God is writing her story and she knows God has got this. Please pray the flare subsides soon so she does not have to go on another medicine. Thank you.

  4. I am so sorry that Savannah is going through this horrible pain with this flare. I am praying and asking God to make this flare subside quickly. I am also asking Him to comfort and cover Savannah with His love and let her feel His presence and to give her the strength to get through this ordeal. I am also asking Him to comfort you and Eric, as I am sure this is so hard to see your daughter suffer. I know that God has used this horrible disease to draw Savannah and others closer to him. He is using this for his glory and for Savannah's good. We serve a wonderful God and He is with His children always. I am asking my prayer in Jesus precious name, Amen. Hugs and love to the 3 of you.

    1. Thank you, Myrt, for that beautiful prayer. God hears your prayer and He is working in Savannah's life for sure.

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