Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's Try Gymnatsics!

This is a big week!  Savannah starts gymnastics class this Friday!  It is a one day a week class, for one hour, for four weeks.  It is a start.  You know, it may not be a huge commitment, but it is a commitment.  Sometimes, you have to take small steps, and that is okay.
Savannah continues to improve.  Some days are better than others.  This morning, her back was killing her, so she took an extra long hot shower before school.  Today, Savannah told me she had an idea of why she kicked so much when I was pregnant with her.  She said it was probably because her legs were stiff from being in such a tight position!  This is coming fro a girl who is in the process of taking S.A.T. tests at school.  I knew the testing would be a challenge for Savannah.  However, I was wrong at why.  I thought it would hurt her hand to fill in all the answer circles.  While it is hard on her hand, it is sitting still for so long that hurts her most.  Her whole body becomes stiff, but the children are not suppose to move after testing is completed (so as to not to disturb others).  If someone with arthritis sits still too long, they stiffen up.  If they do too much (like coloring in lots of little circles on S.A.T. test answer sheets), they hurt.  It is a double edged sword.
However, Savannah continues to rise to the occasion!
I dedicate this entry to Savannah’s long time friend, Mary Clara, who has agreed to take gymnastics with Savannah.  Savannah will push through much more if she has a friend encouraging her!  Isn’t that true of all of us?! Thank God for friends.

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