Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gold Metals and a Tiny Blue Bracelet

Look closely at this picture of Savannah running. What do you see??? You may notice her legs are moving in a very slow running position. You may notice the girl beside her (Hope) walking and pointing. You may even see a tiny blue bracelet on Savannah’s right arm. Now, the story behind the photo... The picture is of Savannah and her good friend Hope. A 5K race was being ran that morning in honor of the local elementary school. Myself, my husband, and Hope’s siblings ran the 5K while Savannah stayed behind and gave out water bottles as the runners finished. Then, something amazing happened. Savannah decided to try to run the 1 mile fun run after the 5K was completed. I thought silently, “no way will she make it with those arthritic feet and ankles.” I decided to run with her, so to pick Savannah up when she could go no more. Now, here is the rest of the story..... Savannah ran the whole mile! Did she hurt...yes. Did she “feel” like quitting...yes. Yet, she kept putting one foot in front of the other, saying, “I must run this entire race and finish!” The last 100 yards, I fell back and let Savannah’s friend Hope walk beside her and encourage her to finish the race....and Savannah’s feet keep “running”. We all were given gold medals at the end of the race. Hope’s metal was for her winning the 5K in her age group (way to go, girl!). Savannah and my metals were smaller and plastic, but it showed we finished the 1 mile race....YES, Savannah finished the race! And, as for the small blue wristband...it was given to Savannah the day before the race, from Savannah’s gymnastic’s coach, for giving the most effort in her gymnastics group! Now, who says you have to come in first place to be a winner! Savannah, you continue to amaze me and be my hero! (You go girl!)

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