Thursday, May 3, 2012

Savannah's fight against JRA aired on local news!

A news story aired this week featuring Savannah’s life with Juvenile Arthritis. You can watch it at the following link (you will have to copy and paste it to your search bar...I am not too good on computers):  


  1. Eddie and Eden ThorntonMay 7, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    Awesome coverage for a sweet girl and family. We pray for her daily!

    1. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and encouragement!! It means a lot!

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  3. Hello and I am so touched to read your blogs and what a wonderful thing you have done. We live in Canada, our daughter (now 11) was diagnosed at age 4 and has been through all of this too and not been at school for 3 months now. She has struggled like your daughter and I have been searching and working on research/information and support and would love to connect with your family to keep young children and their families inspired to continue fighting. I am working on this event here in Kelowna BC if you would like to look at it. It will have our website if you would like to contact me. All the best to you and Savannah, hugs, Louise Boisvert

  4. Louise,

    Wow!! I looked at the event for the angel award...wonderful. The work and efforts you are putting into raising money and awareness for juvenile arthritis is inspiring. Thank you from my family for doing this event. I would love to see your website if you could send it to me at Thank you for your comment! We are taking our lemons in life and making lemonade! -Jenny and Savannah