Friday, January 11, 2013

Painting - "For Savannah"

A local Montgomery artist painted this picture of Savannah this week.  She is two years old in this picture and walking along a garden's edge in Georgia.  When I see this picture, I see a "care-free, pain-free" arthritis anywhere in her body (though she could have had arthritis then, and we did not know it).  I am very thankful to the artist, Barbara Davis, for painting this beautiful picture of Savannah.  I will always treasure it.

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  1. Jenny...thanks for visiting thore today and sharing about your special photo and Savannah's Story! What an exceptional and wonderful family you have...strength and love you posess to care and support one in and day sickness and in health! Sometimes we have no idea what our friends, family and shoppers are going through as individuals! Praying for you and yours! I hope you will share the painting by bringing it to the store and letting me see it! What a special inspiration Savannah is! Blessings to you...Jan - A Touch of New York